Planning a Wedding? Start here.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine De Saint-Exupery


Planning a Wedding- where to begin….


You want a unique wedding that is fun, intimate and memory filled? Simple, the cornerstones to achieving this are spectacularly good planning, intent and clarity,  besides that there really is no single right way to have a wedding. Our advice is to be the masters of your day and truly embrace the things you love, if you want to get married on a mountaintop- do it, want to have a festival celebration for 500- go for it, dream of eloping to Byron Bay and marrying on the beach by the light of a full moon- why not. Make sure that the things you plan to do, have a raison d’etre & remember the entire reason for the celebration is the union of two. You can do whatever you want.


Firstly start with intent, authentic memorable moments (even the ones that appear simple) come from deliberate choice. Rather than try and have it all curate your ideas, refine them until they sit comfortably together, within your budget and suit your true goal. Start a ‘must have’ list. Your Event Planner should be your touch stone, someone to bring the logistics to the table and help with not only the creative but the very practical aspects of organising a momentous life event. Whether you decide to embrace tradition or kick it sideways to Sunday, your EP will be able to guide you through the maze and help you breathe life into your vision.


  • Cap your numbers or set a guideline for who you will invite- the best way to ensure an authentic, memorable day is to avoid a celebration filled with aquaintances and your parents friends (sorry mum and dad!)- start with the people that are your people for life
  • Write your own vows
  • Choose a celebrant who resonates with you
  • Location, location- Gold Coast city lights, deserted beach, majestic mountains, warehouse, art gallery, Tuscan villa or your favourite restaurant- let it reflect you
  • Consider the structure of your day- curate the traditions and make some of your own- private vows in the morning followed by a party in the evening, wedding breakfast with vows on the beach- gathering for a cocktail party in the evening, married by a waterfall on a 3 day glamping fest with hiking, cookouts and evening campfires
  • Food- what, where and how- food can play a really important role in providing a framework for your day. Not to mention many delicious memory moments. For mor inspo in the land of food head to
  • Finally consider your style- the thread that ties together the whole- a strong design concept will also galvanise your day
  • Above all remember our golden rule ‘Your Day Your Way’


As Designers and Event Planners we understand every event is unique and comes with its own measure of joy and difficulty; our packages are designed as an overview and are meant to morph into shape according to the unique qualities of each event. We are always on hand to help guide your planning as little or as much as you desire.

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