Location Federal
Sleeps No attached accomodation but lots of local accomodation available.
Guests 120 Seated more for cocktail
Wedding Church, Garden and Hall
Jasper Corner Federal

Jasper Corner consists of two heritage buildings in the heart of Federal Village in the Byron Bay hinterland. The school of arts building was built in 1895 by local residents on land donated to the community. The beautiful old church was purchased by the community in 2003 and has been renovated to create an enchanting space for weddings and other celebrations, including commissioning and installation of an exquisite purpose made stained glass window. The church can accommodate about 100 guests and the hall can comfortably seat 120. It has a fully a fully equipped commercial kitchen as well as tables and chairs. A large undulating grassy space between the two buildings provides the perfect outdoor area for your guests to relax.