Choosing an Event Planner and Finding Event Planners on the Gold Coast

Choosing a Gold Coast event planner can be a difficult decision. You want your event to be perfect, but how do you know which event planner is the right one to help you create this perfect day? Talking to former clients of the provider is an excellent way to get feedback on what it was like to work with a planner. Also, look for a service that offers the following benefits.


Look for Gold Coast event planners that focus mainly on the type of event you are planning, such as weddings, and are passionate about what they do. If a planner isn’t passionate about creating the special events that their clients want, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to produce a successful, exciting occasion.


The event planners you choose should be highly organised and capable of handling all the details of your event with ease. When you talk with the planner you are considering, make sure they seem professional and competent. You don’t want to end up with someone who takes forever to return calls or lets things slip through the cracks.

People Skills

Planning an event involves organising and dealing with people, so it’s essential that your event planner has outstanding people skills. You can mainly judge this by how they interact with you; you can also speak with some of their vendors to find out more about how well they interact with people.

Time Management

Time management is part of organisation, but it’s so important that it deserves its own category. To create a successful event, each stage of the project must be completed on time and delays can be disastrous to your timetable and the occasion itself. Feel free to ask what kind of time management system your planner uses to be sure they stay on track.


You need your planning timelines and milestones to be very specific. However, things will go wrong sooner or later, and it’s essential that your event planner is flexible enough to cope. Try to learn how well your planner performs under pressure and if they will be able to adapt to unexpected circumstances.


Can the event planner you’re considering come up with a plan B quickly if the need arises? You want to hire an event planner who is calm under pressure and has the resources required to keep your function running smoothly even when things don’t go as planned.

Byron Wedding Vine: Your Event Planners on the Gold Coast

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