The foundation of visually unforgettable is lighting; setting the tone, creating atmosphere and importantly a dramatic first impression all hinges on perfect illumination.

Lighting is your best friend when it comes to creating glamour- lighting is your foundation element, your event undergarments if you like! Even the most carefully considered table or coolest cocktail lounge will wilt and lose all its presence under the glare of bad lighting.

The right lighting defines the look of your spaces, their uses and moods; from an intimate conversation space, to getting everybody up on the dance floor, maybe creating a convivial & engaging space for dining, or a super sexy outdoor room. Start by asking yourself- what are the important spaces & where do you want your guests attention focused?

From a styling point of view, we would always advise tick the lighting box first. If you spend money on nothing else spend it on lighting…

The best bonus is excellent lighting need not be an expensive part of your event planning;

  • Decide on your budget.
  • Next figuratively and literally switch off the overhead lights (unless you a really lucky) in most instances they do your mood no favours as they are not designed for purpose.
  • For best effect- Layer your lighting, a combination of- uplight- midlevel light, overhead, highlights and venue permitting a late night fire pit
  • Uplighting spots can help you can make grand gestures, they can be used best to enhance garden or architectural features.
  • Midlevel – Use candles warm magical light- tapers, pillars, tealights and votives all come together to underpin an evening with twinkling delight.
  • Overhead- Festoons, fairy lights or Edison bulbs on dimmers- low wattage warm white over bright white, which has a nasty cold bluish light.\

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