10 tips for a fab wedding Festival style

Wedding Festival Style

“Like two stars in the depths of the sky
This gravity is just irresistible
We spin around each other, you and I
When I fell for you, I fell into your orbit.”
― Justin Wetch

Does your spirit resonate with the care free, fun loving nature of Splendour or do the vast skies of Burning Man call to you. If you long for the magnificence of a starlit night- sharing moments with your hearts dearest, then maybe a Festival Wedding is the perfect celebration style for you. The charm of the festival wedding is that its low key, fluid format allows plenty of space for you to pop in experiences for all your guests, moments that reflect your own personal style.

Open skies and festival vibes are definitely gaining momentum, and whimsical free-spiritedness may be the goal, but the true key to the success of your day lives and dies in the planning. A successful celebration is a marriage of the practical and the imaginative. Start with your location, if possible choose a venue that allows you at least a couple of key reveal areas- ceremony and celebration. Consider space for guests and altar position. From the ceremony practicalities move to the celebration, number one make sure there is shelter (barn or marquee), as romantic as under the stars gets we can’t control nature. Don’t worry obsessively about the weather, fun can still be had if it’s raining as long as there is somewhere dry. Add a marquee, grab some cheap umbrellas and pop BYO gumboots onto the invite (it’s a festival after all).

Once the practicalities are sorted, you can layer your celebration with signature elements, from furniture to the finer details. A festive style wedding allows more creative freedom in the interpretation of your day, so make it as poetic as you like. When you consider that you are filling an 8-10 hour time period, having the day scattered with highlights that bring people’s attention front and centre is paramount. These moments don’t have to be elaborate, some will occur as part of the natural sequence of events- ceremony, speeches, food, and then some can be planned- musicians, entertainers. Ffor a festival theme go wild- think live music, funky DJ, fire eaters, henna artists, artful magicians wandering the crowd, making magic. In your planning consider the breadth of ages across your guest list- it’s unlikely that guests will all fall into the festival age bracket, so make sure that you include something to delight all. To get you started follow the tips below or give us a call and we can help you along the way. For more on Festival Food check out our big sister Eatdrink Catering

– Style the ceremony with pieces that can be shared later at the celebration- Rugs and cushions make for a great bohemian alternative to benches, flower garlands, a velvet sofa or two, some wicker chairs. Hang a painted canvas as an altar or decorate a tree with floral garlands, and don’t forget a signing table.
– Frame your ceremony with a statement backdrop, something that can be repurposed for an awesome photobooth- something that sets the tone for the day. It could be an arch, an arbour, floral installation, botanical wall, painted canvas, giant picture frame.
– If there is no shelter onsite create an indoor/outdoor room with a clear marquee, Bedouin tent, tepee or Sperry tent to raise the Festival bar.
– Don’t forget the loo’s!
– Create ‘rooms’ for purpose- a bar, lounge, dancefloor and spots to dine.
– Use a luxe mix of velvets, silks, gilded accents and vintage..
– Loose carefree florals and botanicals.
– To light your way- strings of fairy/or festoon lights & candles, candles, candles.
– Create an unexpected mix of personal touches- your signature cocktail, a tequila bar, serve your fave toastie as a late night snack, a beloved family favourite cake.
– Use your entertainment to guide your guests into the various moods of the day.

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